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The Witness Of A Miracle
(My opinion after watching The Prince Of Egypt)

This is my third long viewing of my favorite Dreamworks movie, it’s been 13 years since this movie came and it still warms my heart.
Thank God it’s Sunday.

I was quite moved in this scene. The way Moses immediately grabbed Tzipporah after witnessing God’s mission upon him was very sweet. I could feel Tzipporah’s stomach fluttering with butterflies as Moses clung to her for dear life. There can be fights, losses, anything worse. But these two were married just last night so I know why. This is the kind of romance I want in animated movies to come. When the romance blossoms throughout the film subtly without interfering the viewer’s mind with so much gush of romantic emotions. This couple is practically my only canon couple I fully respect. Not because there wasn’t any other woman for Moses. But because Moses needed a young, adventurous, caring woman to guide him on Earth besides God, and Miriam.

The only thing missing to finish this little love story is a very short but beautiful duet.
So, let me shower you tonight with feels. Goodnight!