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set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i don’t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that i’d like to post.

these are incredible

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Chihiro: Your name is Kohaku…

Haku: Chihiro, thank you! My real name is Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi.

Chihiro: Nigihayami? What a name! Sounds like a god.

Haku: I remember too, how you fell into me as a child. You had dropped your shoe.

Chihiro: Yes, you carried me to shallow water, Kohaku. I’m so grateful…

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The Boxtrolls movie stills

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"The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt."
                                    — Sylvia Plath

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gifs of  Nigihayami Kohaku Nushi

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|| Favorite Studio Ghibli Boys

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"Yuuhi no nake meguri aoba
Anata wa watashi wo daku kashira…”

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Miyazaki as he reflects on his past films (the quotes are a bit long, but are interesting and worth reading!). お疲れ様でした! (Thanks for the hard work)

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Studio Ghibli phone backgrounds. Feel free to use it.

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some perfect fantastic heroic ghibli girls

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I won’t leave.

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Ghibli Tears

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